Thank you for visiting our website.  We specialise in the supply of graphite products to companies and private individuals.  We offer a full range of graphite related items including both synthetic and natural graphite powders which are supplied in 1 or 2 kilo lots packed securely and cleanly in plastic buckets with snap-on lids for safe storage.

Natural graphite powder is the perfect lubricant for moving metal parts, whilst synthetic graphite powder has various applications in industry due to its heat resistance and electrical conductivity properties. Full details of the individual grades are given on the above web pages.

As an alternative to powder, we also stock natural graphite in an aerosol spray form.  After use, the alcohol carrier evaporates leaving a film of graphite adhering to the surface being treated and which being greaseless does not attract dirt or dust.  For spot lubrication purposes we have available Door-Ease which is a lithium grease stick and which has proved to be one of our best sellers due to its ability to stop sticking and squeaking in a wide range of applications.

At home, the most common use for graphite is as a lock lubricant.  Regular application will keep locks, bolts and hinges working smoothly and we offer both powder and liquid forms.  Lock-Ease is a graphitised fluid which is ideal for protecting locks against freezing and corrosion, whilst Edelgraphit is a traditional puffer pack of ultrafine natural graphite powder for squirting directly into all types of locks.